A Journey of art and self discovery

As an Artist, past Twenty-Five years my meditation on art is with mile depth. I had worked with my own one-way giving shape to style of my realistic art. New Invention and special technique giving shape to my exclusive art.

Now nice space was created in the heart of lot of art lovers. l assisted my own realistic paintings studied then and made them to lively as a real photography that they sounded as real one as they are. Reality by Acrylic colors on canvas. As if they are real one that made me this well known among you. My birthplace is Umred in Nagpur district.

My art came up at this stage only due to my life circumstances. I found the way to survive by art for bread and butter.

Nagpur was awesome but my art was not getting a proper way, so in 1994 I entered a capital of Maharashtra - Mumbai, where dream came true and leaded my art by sitting on footpath of Church gate Station to sell greeting cards and paintings for two years, were my paintings brightened, and got a new way.

In this my way was lightened. That time I painted Modern and contemporary for wall of modern architecture. Then I shifted to Pune where I got the nice opportunity to paint ShriSaiCharitra on big canvases by ShirdiSaibabaSansthan.

I painted about 100 paintings from last 7 years. This project is the milestone project first time In India. Because this project is to portray of shrisaibaba’s life biography on 8 x 5 fts. Canvases. In a real way as real as 100 years ago. With these Indian festivals, culture and life style paintings as well as the great personalities paintings were painted.

My paintings speak every moment of life and reality. I pour more and more liveliness with color in my paintings. This passion makes me the real artist.

My collection of paintings is with great personalities, lndustrialist, architects, designers, politicians, Institutions and Trusts in India and abroad.